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About Us

3RGI requires high performance and diversified responsibilities of all its employees.

The company and its personnel experience very little turnover, and thus has a very high mean experience level that spans all critical areas to include flight operations, safety, maintenance, training, equipment integration, and sensor operation.


3RGI also conducts range support, MPA surveillance, science and technology (S&T) and research and development-based flight testing (RDT&E) has been our focus. Recent project experience includes Lidar FOPEN development and testing, enhanced MPA radar development with advance processing capabilities testing and support.


3RGI maintains a mission readiness rate of 99%. Our aircraft and personnel require no support facilities when deployed or operating in their based region, as all required support is performed by company personnel. Aircrew and aircraft can generally be deployed within 48 hours CONUS, in the absence of otherwise scheduled commitments.  

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