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The Rapid Response Research Group, LLC (3RGI) is a small business that provides customized aircraft, airborne sensors, system development, advanced processing solutions, and integration of airborne systems, sensors and platforms for the Department of Defense and Commercial activities.


Based out of St. Mary’s County Airport, California, MD, 3RGI operates a variety of fixed wing aircraft that can be designed, modified, integrated, tested, and operated to meet customer requirements.  In the past, 3RGI has provided the following services: advanced maritime radar development and operations, including processing solutions, LiDAR and FOPEN development and operations, and airborne sensor testing for a variety of military and commercial customers.


Our staff includes pilots, operators, engineers, and technicians with 30+ years of experience in the design, integration, operation, and evaluation of various airborne sensors and complex ISR systems.


3RGI has extensive experience operating in the US (CONUS) and overseas (OCONUS).


Flexible, autonomous, cost effective, and deployable capabilities form the foundation of our company.

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